Advertising, Public Relations and Marketing Services


Our world is an increasingly crowded playing field with every type of advertising possible bombarding us and competing for our attention. Advertisements are everywhere, all at once and non-stop. A well planned strategy helps you find the most effective places to advertise, keeping your budget tight and reaching the right audience. Increase your visibility, get your message out and support your brand. Drive people to your business. With the right image and the right message, you will stand out from all the noise.

Public Relations

Create buzz about your company, your products, your services and your people, buzz with credible sources that are important to your customers. Buzz is created in traditional media, in print, on the radio, television and in the news. It is complemented and sustained by websites, blogs, new media and in conversations at the right time with the right people. Public relations helps create buzz, which translates into boosting your bottom line.


When you get right down to business, every company is different. Every company needs a unique approach to marketing its products and services. There are very few off-the-shelf programs for launching a new company, rolling out a new consumer product, breathing life into mature product lines, introducing a B2B campaign, moving into new markets or going after new customers. We take the time to evaluate your marketing challenges to ensure you get a strategic approach with a balance of tactics, techniques, disciplines and services to maximize your marketing dollars.


What's not to like about a special promotion? It's a great way to draw attention to your new product and drive sales. Everyone loves to win! Freebies are fun and there are a million ways to get your name out there to boost your brand and build your image. A well-crafted promotion can get the right customers to try your products, sample your services and come back for more. It can be as simple as a direct mail coupon or a one-day promotional event. They can be as comprehensive as a year-long national tour with celebrities. Big or small, special promotions have the power to produce significant revenues with measurable results.

Event Planning and Event Management

Special events put you face-to-face with the people important to your company. They give you a chance to shake hands, create a presence and make an impression. You gain the opportunity for a show of power in the marketplace. Get attention and stand out from the pack. Launch a product with pizzazz. Trade shows, community events, grand openings, sponsorships or company picnics - special events are so much more than the tent and the entertainment. We'll help you choose the right event and ensure you get results for your efforts.